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Why Google Chrome Can Open Web So Fast ?


The first time you use new versions of Google Chrome you notice an improve in your internet speed.

For me happens that for certain pages it seems like appears instantly.

How Chrome does that ?

Once you enter on a webpage, the browser has to convert the URL you are using to an IP. This is done using a server, so for every link you click, you need an extra call to the DNS server. If this server doesn’t know how to solve the IP,  it has to ask to a superior server.

Of course this operation can consume a lot of time. So what Chrome does is asking for the resolution, before the links are clicked, when the user is reading the page.

Firefox uses a similar technique but I prefer Chrome implementation.

There are reports, you can find them on Google, of related problems with this feature, but this may seem related to advanced users, so in this solution you will find how to enable/disable the feature.


If you want to know your preferences type about:dns:


To enable/disable:

1. Go to Options:

Chrome Options

2. Go to Under The  Hood Tab, you can then configure if you want to use the pre-fetching technique.

Use dns pre-fetching to improve page load performance

How To Stop Windows Asking For Desktop Cleaning


Windows sometimes thinks that we don’t have nothing better to do that answer stupid questions.

Ok that might sound a little strong but I want to have my desktop as I want no matter what Microsoft thinks.

The question that appear is there are unused icons on your desktop:

there are unused icons on your desktop

and it ask you if opens a wizard.

If you want to stop this message from appear follow this solution.


1. Right click over the desktop, and select properties:

desktop properties 2. Go to the desktop Tab.

3. Customize desktop.

4. Deselect run desktop cleanup wizard every 60 days.

desktop cleanup moves unused desktop items to a folder

Icons Have A Color Background In Windows XP Even With “Use Drop Shadows For Icon labels On The Desktop” Check


You are seeing Icons on the desktop this way:


even when you have unselect the use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop.


To understand what has actually happens I am going to reproduce the error. Beginning with a Windows XP operating correctly.

Right click over the desktop and select properties:

clip_image004Go to the desktop tab and select customize desktop, go to the web tab, press new and add web. Once you have done you will see the web in your desktop.


Pass the mouse over the window and close it:


We now don’t see the color background in the icon fonts. But if we do the following:


Right click over desktop Arrange Icons By, Lock Web Items On Desktop the icons will show that aspect again.

So to solve this you only have to:

1. Right clic over desktop, Arrange Icons By, Lock Web Items.


1. Right click properties, Web Tab, deselect any web in the list.

Improving Windows Explorer Stability In Windows XP and Windows 7


Windows explorer is the most used application on your computer for sure, but what happens when this program have problems with some folders. For example it has a known problem in Windows XP with video codec, you can find the solution in this post:

Explorer Hangs Showing A Folder

If you copy a lot of files you may faced a lot of problems with Windows Explorer.


Windows let us configure Explorer so it opens folders in separate processes. This in theory could make your system a little bit slower but more robust. I can assure you that you are not going to notice this impact in the performance.

If one process have a problem it doesn’t affect the rest of explorer windows so the entire operating system works better. This is something for example that Chrome does with every tab driving it to a more stable system.

Windows XP

1. Press Windows Key + E to open a new explorer window.

2. Select Tools, Folder Options.

3. Go to The View Tab.

4. Select launch folder windows in a separate process.

Windows 7.

1. Press Windows Key + R, type control and press enter.

2. If you are seeing the control panel as categories select appearance and personalization.

3. Folder Options, View Tab.

4. Select launch folder windows in separate process.

Troubleshooting 2 Gb File Problems Using Outlook Express


Email clients are very useful applications but has several drawbacks.

Usually they only use a file to store every folder of your email so if something occurs with it you can lost a lot of useful information.

Outlook express, that comes for free in some versions of Windows have another problem, it cannot handle dbx files, those who have the information, with more than 2Gb, so if you reach that level you will face a lot of problems.

Of course you can compact that folders every time you delete an email but if you have important information the best is to try this solution.


We are going to use a program that can work with dbx files of  2Gb and extract it to multiple files. This can be done even with a dbx that is working without any problem so it is a good way to back up your email messages.

It can restore deleted emails even in Windows reinstalled machines.

1. Download Mail Cure


2. Press Data.

Mail Cure

If you select a drive it will look even for deleted dbx files.

As we are talking about a damaged dbx for a malfunction Mail Cure cannot always restore it.

3. Press Open a File.

Open a File

4. Select the dbx you want to,  it is usually stored in a folder inside this:

%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities

Once it finish it will create an eml file for each email you have in your folder.

Restore Folder Windows At Logon In Windows XP or Windows 7


Imaging you want to work with the same folders after you reboot your system.


Windows XP

1. Open a new explorer window pressing Windows Key + E.

2. Go to Tools, Folder Options.

Folder Options 3. Press the View Tab.

4. Select Restore previous folder Windows at logon.

Restore previous windows at logon

Windows 7.

1. Open the control panel, press Windows Key + R, type control and press enter.

2. If you are seeing as categories, select appearance and personalisation.

3. Folder Options.

4. Go to the view Tab.

5. Select restore previous folder windows at logon.

restore previous folder windows at logon

How To Know What File Drivers You Have ?


If you need to know what files drivers is using your computer just follow the next solution.


1. Press Windows Key + R, type msinfo32.exe and press enter.

You will see something like this

System Summary 2. Go to components section and you will find a lot of useful information.

a) Multimedia, a list of what audio and video codec there are installed on the computer.

Audio Codecs

Video Codecs







Cdrom driver

c)  Sound deviceimage

d)  Display



And you can find the same information for the keyboard, mouse and more.